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Academic Transfer Students

Central Community College offers academic transfer programs that are specifically designed to provide the first two years of a four-year degree.
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    Nebraska Transfer Initiative

    CCC is one of 24 Nebraska colleges that signed the Nebraska Transfer Initiative in November 1995, agreeing to accept a common core of 34 semester-hours of credit completed at any of the colleges. The Nebraska Transfer Initiative is designed to smooth the transfer process for community college graduates who want to complete a bachelor’s degree. Institutions that are members of the Nebraska Transfer Initiative are listed in the chart at the right.

    Transfer Agreements

    Through specific transfer agreements with individual institutions, students completing associate of arts or associate of science degrees can transfer up to 66 semester-hours of credit earned at Central Community College to many four-year colleges. Colleges that have provided transfer guides for community colleges are shown in the chart at the right.

    NACRAO Agreement

    Central Community College is a signatory of the NACRAO (Nebraska Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers) Agreement. Students who complete specified liberal arts courses may expect these courses to apply in transfer toward satisfying the general studies program requirements for a degree at other participating Nebraska colleges. Contact the campus admissions office for NACRAO information.

    Transfer Outcomes

    Over the past few years, academic transfer graduates have transferred successfully to 21 public and private four-year colleges in Nebraska and more than 50 out-of-state colleges.

    Follow-up studies show that graduates of Central Community College academic transfer programs are well prepared to continue their education following graduation. Students transferring to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as a group, achieve overall grades comparable to other juniors and seniors who attended UNL for their first two years of college.

    Subsequent Enrollment of 2014-15 ACTR Graduates 

    The chart below depicts the subsequent enrollment of 2014-15 Academic Transfer graduates after their graduation. It shows that the 81% of graduates were successfully transferred to different four-year institutions and 19% continued their education at CCC.

    Subsequent Enrollement 2011-12