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The CARE Team will be available for consultation with campus community members regarding students whose behaviors are of concern because they may pose a threat to themselves or others.
  • CARE Team Reporting Form

    Campus/Center CARE Teams

    Team functions include:


    • Address concerns regarding the safety and well-being of students by drawing upon professional expertise within the campus community.
    • Facilitate consistent communication between departments.


    • Determine referred student’s need for emotional, psychological or physical support and refer to appropriate resources.
    • Complete health and wellness needs analysis for campus community.


    • Identify resources available both on campus and in the community and foster positive collaborative relationships with them.
    • Promote our campus resources to students.


    • Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty/staff response to students in distress (ex: suicide prevention).
    • Promote proactive psycho-educational seminars on wellness related topics for students (conflict resolution, stress management, etc.).