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What Do I Need to Succeed?

What skills, hardware, and software do I need to be successful in online classes?

  • What skills do I need to be successful in an online course?

    Students taking online classes have a greater responsibility for their own success than students in traditional classroom settings. A successful online learner is one who…

    • Is self-motivated to log in regularly, find details about assignments, and seek out help when needed.
    • Is self-disciplined and able to work on a flexible schedule without getting behind. 
    • Can dedicate enough time to each course. Online classes require at least as much time as traditional classes, and often more. A typical 3-credit online course can easily require 9-12 hours per week.
    • Is good at reading and writing. Online classes require more reading and writing than traditional, on-campus classes.
    • Has good computer skills. You must be comfortable sending and receiving e-mail, navigating web pages, and using computer software, such as word processors.
    • Has convenient, dependable access to a computer that meets the technical requirements listed below.

    What computer hardware and software do I need to take an online course?

    Successful online students have the following:

    • A laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac*) running Windows version 7 or higher or Apple Mac OS 10.6 or higher with high-speed Internet access
    • An Outlook 365 email account (provided by CCC)
    • A reasonably current web browser (Firefox or Chrome are recommended). Download Firefox or Chrome

    Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may be used, but not all features of the CCC site are guaranteed to work with these devices. Please make sure you have a Windows or Mac operating system computer available to complete your coursework.


    Minimum version          

    Recommended version          

    Google Chrome 30.0 Latest
    Mozilla Firefox 25.0 Latest
    Apple Safari 6 6
    Microsoft Internet Explorer*         9 Latest
    *Note: Version 10 is required for drag-and-drop upload of content from outside the browser into Moodle 

    JavaScript and cookies enabled. ( How to enable javascript and cookies)

    Additional Software

    *Note to Mac users: Use the free Firefox web browser instead of Safari.

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