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Payment Methods

CCC offers several convenient ways to pay.
  • Use the options listed below for classes at our Columbus, Grand Island and Hastings campuses and Holdrege, Kearney and Lexington centers.

    Full payment of all college charges is due the first day of classes.

    Mail checks or money orders to the Campus Student Accounts Office at one of our campuses or to a CCC Learning Center.

    Payment Methods

    We offer several options for payments. Please see the information below.

  • Pay in person only at a Campus Student Accounts Office or at the Holdrege, Kearney or Lexington Center.

    • Make money order payable to Central Community College.
    • Put your student ID number on your money order.

    • Make check payable to Central Community College.
    • Put your student ID number on your check.
    • Make sure to sign and date your check. A post-dated check will not be accepted.
    • Your check-writing privileges may be revoked if you write a check that is returned.
    • Stop payments on checks will not officially drop or withdraw you from classes. You will need to follow procedures as outlined in the college catalog.
    • When you pay by check you authorize us to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account.

    Use VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit cards online, by phone or in person at a Student Accounts Office.

    • Parents and other payers can pay online.
    • For currently enrolled students, go to WebCentralMy Services, Services for Students, Manage My Financial Profile, Student Account, Make a Payment.
    • Paying online is secure and easy.
    • Payments can be made with your debit card, VISA, MasterCard or Discover cards.

    • Easy online enrollment.
    • Monthly payments on the fifth of each month.
    • No interest is charged.
    • Set up your payments under a scheduled automatic payment plan from a checking account, savings account or a credit card according to the plan due dates listed on the brochure. 
    • The non-refundable enrollment fee for using this plan is $25 a semester.
    • All arrangements can be handled through a Student Accounts Office or on the CCC Web page.
    • Make sure the money is in your account. A $30 missed payment charge will be added each time, if your payment is returned.
    • If you fail to make any of your payments as scheduled, the college has the right to demand the amount in full and charge collection costs.
    • Use the link below to view online payment options for students, parents and other payers.  
    Online Payment Options

    • It is your responsibility to present the purchase order, tuition assistance form, or letter of intent at the time you pay your tuition.
    • The purchase order, tuition assistance form, or letter of intent must state your name, social security number, amount to be paid, billing address, and original signature of person(s) authorizing payment.
    • The bookstore is an independent entity from the college and is paid directly by the employer. It is your responsibility to present a separate purchase order, tuition assistance form, or letter of intent addressed to the Campus Bookstore.
    • In the event the employer refuses to pay after receipt of the bill, the student becomes immediately responsible for all tuition and fees.
    • If there are any questions regarding this procedure, please contact a Student Accounts Office.

    • Financial assistance at CCC may include scholarships, grants, loans, or work-study employment. A student must apply for financial assistance and may be offered a single type of assistance or a combination package depending on the level of need and eligibility requirements. Aid may be provided by the college or through federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations, or other organizations. Apply early.
    • Financial aid applications should be submitted at least three weeks before your start date or the college cannot guarantee that your financial aid will be available by your first day of class.
    • If your financial aid has been processed, you should see the amount of grants, scholarships and loans for which you are eligible included on your bill. Your aid is finalized each semester on the last day of free add/drop.
    • Grants, scholarships and loans will be credited to your account. Any remaining aid balance will be refunded approximately two weeks after you begin classes. Students placed in work-study positions will receive biweekly paychecks.
    • If you are a first-time student at CCC, contact the campus Financial Aid office regarding special loan procedures.
    • For information on financial aid programs, contact the Financial Aid Office at the campus you plan to attend.

    The college has been approved by the Veterans Administration for the use of veterans educational benefits. Please contact the VA representative on any campus for specific information.