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Student Resources

Student services, online success, events and more.
  • General Information – This course will adhere to all college policies and procedures identified in the student handbook. College policies and procedures include, but are not limited to, conditions for dropping or withdrawing from a class, academic integrity, etc. A copy of the Student Handbook is available upon request from the Student Services office on each campus or it can be found at WebCentral> Menu (upper left hand corner) > Student Life > Student Handbook. 

    Student Services - Student Services information can be located on the College website. (Current Students and Employees > College Catalog > Student Services Offices > Programs & Activities.) On this site you will find information about: procedures for Registration; procedures for adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses; Disability Support Services Office & Services for Students with Disabilities; Library Resource Centers. 

    Policies & Procedures for Students - Policies & Procedures information can be located on the College website (Current Students and Employees > College Catalog > Policies and Procedure for Students.) On this site you will find information about: Student Code of Conduct; Official Communications; Password Reset and Helpdesk; Emergency Alerts; Tobacco Free Policy. 

    Academic Success Center - The Academic Success Centers (ASC) on each campus offer a variety of services designed to help students achieve their educational goals, including tutoring services at no cost. The ASC also assists students in improving reading, writing, language and math skills to the level that college coursework demands. All services are available to currently enrolled CCC students taking courses either on-campus, through a distance-learning setting, or online. 

    Online Success - Students taking online classes have a greater responsibility for their own success than students in traditional classroom settings. Successful online learners are self-motivated and self-disciplined. For more information about necessary technology for accessibility, click the link above. 

    Events Calendar - Upcoming CCC events, activities, and important dates

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