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Student Complaint Process

  • A formal complaint is a request for the resolution of a problem, conflict, concern or issue that negatively impacts a student(s).  Student formal complaints may include (but are not limited to) issues regarding classroom instruction, college policies, procedures, services and offices. Students are encouraged to review CCC’s formal complaint procedures prior to submitting a complaint.

    Student Complaint Procedures

    To submit a formal complaint each student must complete the CCC online Formal complaint Form. You may click on the link at the bottom of this page to begin the process of completing this form.

    Informal Resolution

    Students are strongly encouraged to resolve any concern by talking with the staff member/administrator and his/her supervisor if necessary in an attempt to come to a resolution prior to resorting to filing a formal complaint. 

    Grade Appeals

    The formal complaint process is not for grade appeals. Should a student wish to contest a grade earned in a class, procedures are available in CCC’s online catalog

    Reporting other Types of Incidents

    Please note that reports related to Title IX should be made using the  Title IX Reporting form and concerning behavior that may not be a violation of CCC's student code of conduct should be reported using the  CARE Team Reporting form . Behavior that is a violation of CCC's code of conduct may be reported using  Student Conduct Reporting form

    To submit a formal complaint, click the link below, fill out and submit the form.

    CCC’s online formal complaint form